What is hosting ?

Hosting will mean: Act as host at (an event) or for (a tv or radio program); or to store (a web site information processing system} or alternative electronic data) on a computer connected to the web.

How many type of Hosting ?

There’s different types of web hosting but mostly 8 popular type of Hosting services.

  1. Shared Web Hosting.

  2. Reseller Web Hosting.

  3. Cloud Based Web Hosting.

  4. Virtual Private Server (VPS).

  5. Dedicated Web Server.

  6. Colocation Web Hosting.

  7. Self Service Web Hosting.

  8. Managed WordPress Hosting.

What is Web hosting ?

A web hosting service may be a form of web hosting service that permits people and organizations to create their web site accessible via the globe Wide internet. internet hosts square measure corporations that give house on a server closely-held or chartered  to be used by shoppers, yet as providing web property, usually during a information center.